Coaching encourages reflection and intentional practice and application of skills.
The founders of FirstJoy firmly believe in the effectiveness and value that great coaching has on the performance of the people they train.
Since 2008, they have been coaching executives and managers as part of their leadership development program. Other managers and leaders they have coached wanted to improve in their personal effectiveness and leadership.
Needless to say, they have seen how perspectives have been shaped, mind-sets have been transformed and how behaviours have changed which impacted performance and improved working relationships.
Some of these success stories have been documented and published in their book, “Success, Money and Passion: Finding the Perfect Balance at Work” by Daniel Lee & Angeline Yong.
(This book is available for ORDER HERE and in Popular bookstores in Malaysia).
Other success stories of how FirstJoy’s training and coaching have measureable returns on expectations (R.O.E) and investments (R.O.I) are found in our

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